A better way to make sales: Use Feel, Felt, Found

Bry Cox recordied a course for us on high end sales, which you can find on the Here is one of the tips, called "Feel, felt, found. You can watch the video version here: 0:50 - Attitude will subconsciously alter your mind. 1:10 - People have concerns, but don't always express it. First step is recognizing the concern. 2:10 - How to identify the concern from what people say 2:35 - It's not always the first thing they say 2:50 - Show you're listening and have empathy. Use this formula: I really understand how you FEEL, I FELT the same way, what I have FOUND is... 3:48 - Use the framework when dealing with anyone so they feel heard and understood 4:20 - Be authentic. 4:50 - This helps you not just respond without thinking and get into the right mindset.